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Samuel F

I have worked with Halley on two projects.  She brought talent, professionalism and a wonderful caring personality to both photoshoots.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to take their photography project to a truly beautiful and professional level. 


 Britt G

Halley and House of Tesla has such an impactful way of matching some of my favorite beauty products with personality and empowerment. We loved having her and her products at our 30A, FL women's retreat. The ladies were so excited to learn how to apply their own lashes and also be pampered by Halley's application. The women not only enjoyed their lashes for our sunset beach photos but they have continued to post all over social media wearing them every other day of the week and feeling absolutely beautiful!! Halley and House of Tesla are a no brainer!

Finge Scarves


You will not be disappointed. House of Tesla it is!



I have worked with House of Tesla Hair and Makeup on a few projects over the holidays past few years. I’m always excited when I see her name on the roster!! Owner and MUA, Halley is a professional at what she does. She listens to her clients and does a great job at prepping her models throughout the shoot. I’ve had the opportunity to model her lashes and I love them!! They look and feel so natural. 

Great quality product!!